Activities of AES Japan Section in 2010
(Technical Meeting Reports)

Meeting Date: January 21st, 2010

Meeting Topic
New era of surround audio reproduction technology by Reduction and Controlling Reverberation
Speaker Name
Takeaki ANAZAWA (Bitmedia)
Keisuke KINOSHITA (NTT communication science laboratory)
Moderator Name
Jun Yamazaki
Meeting Location
TAC System, Inc.
18 (Member)
22 (Non member)

Takaaki ANAZAWA (Bitmedia) and Keisuke KINOSHITA (NTT Communication science laboratory) gave a lecture on overview of surround audio reproduction by using Reverberation Reduction and Control Technology.

Mr.Kinoshita gave us overview and a principle about how to separate direct sound and reverberation sound based on multi-step linear prediction algorithm, which the theory was published in November 2009 under the name 'Revtrina.'

Mr.Anazawa explained about philosophy of three-imensional audio based on separation and control of reverberation. He gave a demonsration of reproduction surround sound from original stereo and monoaural audio source. Participants experienced efficient and effective results made by the technology. Also, he refered to consider possibility for many kinds of application such as improvement for clarification of audio, room acoustic compensation, etc.

Many non-member participants were there at the meeting, and all of them seemed to be satisfied and had a great time.

Meeting Date: March 11th, 2010

New YAMAHA Ginza Building, Tokyo
Yoshihide SHIBA (Nikken Sekkei Ltd.)
Hideo MIYAZAKI (Yamaha Corp.)
Shinnjiro YAMASHITA (Yamaha Corp.)
Sungyoung KIM (Yamaha Corp.)
Visiting Tour of the technical facilities of new YAMAHA Hall in new YAMAHA Ginza Building

Yamaha Corp. completed the construction of the new Yamaha hall in February, 2010, which is in a new Yamaha building on one of the main avenues in Ginza, Tokyo, Japan. This classical and yet modern new Yamaha Hall has 12 meters of height, 11 meters of width, 15 meters of seat depth, 6 meters of stage depth, and capacity of 333 seats.

The natural reverberation time is 1.8 seconds. However, the reverberation time can be controlled using a digital signal processing-based AFC (Active Field Control) technology of Acoustic Research Laboratories of Yamaha, which enables the reverberation to be up to 3.0 seconds.

It was possible to experience a change in the reverberation time while auditioning a session of a duo of an acoustic piano and a soprano singer.

The hall is on the 8th floor, and control room and recording studio in the 2nd floor below the ground level are tied with the Ether Sound digital network circuit.

Meeting Date: May 20th, 2010

Astro Studio, Audio Technica, Tokyo
Ilpo Martikainen (Chairman of the Board D. Sc. h.c., GENELEC Oy)
Lars Olof Jamflod (International sales manager, GENELEC Oy)
Hisao Ishii (Product Manager for Genelec, Otaritec Corporation)
Details of New Three-Way DSP Loudspeaker System with Minimum Diffraction Coaxial (MDC) Technology
The newest GENELEC 8260A brings new approach to provide a solution to acoustic issues in mid field studio environment with Minimum Diffraction Coaxial (MDC) Technology.
Mr. Lars Olof Jamflod lectured on released the process about development of 8260A. Dr. Ilpo Martikainen who presented in background of development, structure, specification, and advantage of MDC driver unit. Also, Mr. Hisao Ishii lectured on overall explanation about this newest product.
After these lectures, listeners could confirm the various sources in the wonderful studio environment and experience the ability of this loudspeaker.

Meeting Date: June 24th, 2010

Demo Room of TAC System Inc., Tokyo
Makoto Sugimoto (Sound Engineer, Mainichi Broadcasting System, Inc.)
Report on 128th AES Convention in London
Mr. Makoto Sugimoto mainly reported about special events, workshops, paper sessions, and exhibition of the last convention held in London. Effective, novel, and surprising presentations in several workshops made convention so attractive for sound engineers. Especially, Sir George Martin's special address at honorary member of AES was explained in detail.
He also reported briefly on an outside broadcasting van of a 3D production company and a visit to German broadcasting company, that he went after the convention.

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