Looking back over the AES 13th Regional Convention, Tokyo, 2007

Chair of AES 13th Regional Convention, Tokyo, 2007

 On behalf of AES Tokyo convention committee I would like to appreciate those who participate this convention. More than 6,000 people have come to this convention for over 3 days. This convention was successfully finished.

 The theme of this convention is " Divergences of Audio technology in our life ". At keynote address Mr. Sasaji talked about the relation of the music scene and archive media. Mr. Kikuta and Mr. Chiba talked about the history of the record recording 70 years with demonstration of a 1936 TELEFUNKEN microphone at special address. As new program we held interdisciplinary program among academic institute and industry. At workshops 10 programs that include game audio and resent digital technologies were held. 5 student programs were held in order to start up student section and hope students to grow up their mind through discussion with professionals. 37 paper presentations and 16 product seminars were also held. AES president Dr. Woszczyk honored this convention.

 Finally, I would like to thank for exhibiters, academics, companies for their great support and all committee members for volunteer contribute to the convention. And your continued support to AES Japan section will be greatly appreciated.